Paint Protection and Vinyl


SurfWagon is now offering a Nano Polymer paint protection for your car. This polishing process not only makes your car shine like a bucket full of diamonds for up to 2 years, it also offers an excellent protection layer from UV fading, acid (bird poop), road grime and minor scratching. It is incredibly easy to clean too, just requires a basic wash to bring it back to new. Ideal protection for your new or loved car, especially if it spends time in the sun, near the ocean or off road. 

Original coating of Nano Polish will cost you only $295 on a clean car, add a small amount if we need to wash and prep the car first. When your car needs a top up we do er-applications for only $99. 


SurfWagon can apply a clear specialised vinyl film that protects the paint on your pride and joy. This tough new technology is stonechip and scratch resistant as well as invisible. We specialise in boot lips, door sills, bonnet guards and single panels. We don't do whole cars at this stage.


Want a sporty or different look for you vehicle? Vinyl pieces like stripes or graphics can make your car stand out from the crowd and give it your car own unique style. There are hundreds of colours and designs available, all made to go on your car and last for up to 10 years. Once done vinyl can be removed easily and doesn't damage paint. 

Pin stripes, racing stripes, highlights, business names and single panels are all possible.


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