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Please take ONE minute to watch/read below - Important info on what you need to know before tinting


- Dust and dirt are the enemy of window tinting. If you can find time to clean out your car and maybe even vacuum it that would be amazing. If your car is dirty we will do the best we can to still do a great job but we may get a few dust marks in the tint. If you prefer we can wash and vac your car for you for an extra $99 prior to tinting.

- When you book a time and day with us we hold that spot exclusively to work on your car. If you are unable to make the booking please have the courtesy to give us as much prior notice as you can so our tinter is not left waiting for you to arrive.  

- Often we need to remove child seats (especially in sedans and utes) to access the windows properly. We are not qualified to reinstall them so they will be left undone when we give back your car. If possible it would be great if they where removed prior to delivery to us.

- It is very hard to estimate how long a tint job is going to take. When you drop your car off we will get your phone number and we will message when it is done. This saves you waiting around and placing time pressure on our tinters. We are right near Ballina Fair and Ballina Central so you can shop, grab a coffee or catch a movie while we tint your car. 

- You will receive a written 12 month workmanship warranty and care instructions once the job is completed. The manufactures of the film also offer a lifetime warranty on their product.

- Payment is due when you pick up the car. We accept Eftpos, MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Direct Deposit (day prior), Amex, Humm and Zip Pay. Some credit transactions incur a fee. 
SurfWagon Crew
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