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PRE-TINT INFO - Buildings

 Thank you for choosing SurfWagon / Byron Tints for your window tinting needs. Please take a minute to read this important information or watch the video before we come and tint at your place.
As tint goes on the inside of the glass we will need access to the property. We also ask that there ia easy access to the windows. All furniture is moved so there is at least a 1 metre gap, blinds and flyscreens that block or make access difficult are removed prior. SurfWagon and their employees CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES THAT MAY OCCUR as a result of moving or removing such items. Our quote does not include time taken to move/remove objects. Cleaning of sills would be great as any built up dust may get caught in the film at the time of application.  Don't worry too much about cleaning the inside window panes, we do this before the tint goes on. 

The property owner should be aware that tinting glass on very rare occasions can cause thermal stress fractures. This is a crack in the glass caused by a previous imperfection in the piece of glass edge reacting to the extra heat caused by the tint reflecting the sunlight. These tiny cracks or chips go un-noticed as they are hidden behind the frame. SurfWagon staff will recommend film that is less likely to cause thermal stress and will also check for possible triggers. In 35+ years of tinting our staff have encountered less than half a dozen thermal stress fractures, they are very uncommon. SurfWagon cannot be held liable for thermal stress fractures, the property owner must assume the risk and make a decision prior to the job going ahead. More information can be found on this sheet (click here) or feel free to ask us.

Your window tint comes with a 12 month workmanship warranty and also a product warranty from the manufacturer (lifetime on houses, 10 years on commercial). 

Payment is due at the same day the job is completed unless prior arrangement has been made. We accept Eftpos, MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Direct Deposit or PayPal (inc American Express). Fees apply for credit cards and PayPal. We can email you an invoice.

Once tinted your windows will have the best quality film on them that will serve you well for MANY years to come. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch prior.
Thank you. We look forward to meeting you soon.

SurfWagon Crew
0434 875 009

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